spider porridge b​/​w moneyshot (androgynous)

by childproof



A letter addressed to JP Marin from himself was located somewhere near Hollywood, Florida that contained within, a cassette tape with two of the earliest childproof recordings from 1997. "Moneyshot (androgynous)" was believed to be lost in time and space; no one remembers recording the example of "Spider Porridge" presented here-in. Though the fidelity reproduced here is quite low-fi, one may easily hear the pop impulse and structure that characterizes childproof today.


released June 8, 2013


all rights reserved



childproof New York, New York

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Track Name: spider porridge
jason reiner is my fag
rodney spencer is the bitch
when you come & you run & you recognize
that i've seen your spider porridge
tell me what you want from
and then come & you run and you recognize

oh no, it's me again
and then we die and we get to heaven
so i lied that night when i said i'm pregnant
i'll tell you what i want from you

jason reiner goes to school
and pimps little timmy to me
so we lied when we said "it's not enough"
but we love him anyway

ouch ouch ouch ouch
jason reiner jason reiner
david bowie & his munchkin gremlins

and we're gonna seem a little gay
not fun to see you every day
and i guess this monkey's gotta stay
and we're gonna seem a little gay
not fun to see you every day
and i guess the monkey's got the spider porridge now

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